Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It's All About the Story

As the conversation of data and content continues on day 4 of Cannes Lion, speakers and creatives really delve into the idea of storytelling. Storytelling is in no way new to advertising and marketing, but it's being redefined right before our eyes. With the age of information and extra content, users are consuming more than ever on digital platforms, and choosing what they want to watch.

YouTube has paved the way for personalized content and has achieved billions of views a day because of its specialized audiences, and marketers need to recognize this. CEO of Dreamworks Animation, Jeffrey Katzenberg stresses the power of YouTube, "It's a more personal experience, there is a deeper connection and with this short form content and vlogging, people are leaning in rather than leaning back." 

YouTube has made rules for a whole new game - an unprecedented opportunity that requires people to become storytellers. Valuing these internet audiences, the people who are willingly consuming billions of hours of content, presents an opportunity like no other about the current state of the world and a whole new level of engagement. 

"The rate of change is so fast, but all it does is create abundant opportunities." -Katzenberg

Clear Channel Media and Jared Leto also have the same views when it comes to storytelling.

Leto states, "The world can't be solved by advertising alone. The great ads are transcendent and subcultures are blossoming more than ever from storytelling. What ads should be doing is either making my life more interesting or leaving me alone." 

He goes on to say that creatives don't just have one job anymore. Don't put the word "just" in front of "creative director." Marketers should be letting creatives be authentic and have a relationship with the audience. 

When asked if the digital age, where streaming and watching content on devices would kill live music Leto responded, "This seminar right now, we could have just listened to this right now, or streamed it live right now from our hotel rooms, but we chose to be here. Technology can foster relationships, not hinder them the way people claim they will." 

Ending with a quote from Armando Iannucci, creator of the HBO series Veep, "Write what makes you laugh, not what you think others will laugh at." Storytelling is something marketing needs to focus on, whether it's to enhance relationships or image of a brand, connecting on a human level is the key. 

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