Sunday, June 15, 2014

Creativity: Stop the Crap

June 15

Kicking off the first day of the Cannes Festival of Creativity, the main topic on everyone's minds is the crap in creativity - not exactly what a festival of "creativity" usually discusses, but the insight was dynamic. Latinworks Chief Creative Officer Sergio Alcocer introduced three extraordinary creatives in advertising, but the twist was they discussed their failures. 

"Experience is the price of failure in a one shot industry." Said one if the creatives. 

After discussing many failed attempts they've made in their careers including a twitter campaign to rewrite a book, only to crash the website in one minute, they give humble and wise advice.

"It you don't have the budget, don't approve the epic script."
"Take failure not as seriously, everyone is failing and we should be like that." 

CEO Nir Wegrzyn discusses in his forum that there are no right answers to the creative process. He poses the "Ariadne's Thread" theory when it comes to solving problems. Deriving from the Greek myth, this theory states instead of looking for one way to look at a problem, we should be looking at all of them.

"Everything works in the short term, what we need is the long term." Wegrzyn. He states we should be focused more on the options in creativity then a narrow view of one creative idea. The scope should be wider than ever.

Its time to cut the crap. It's good to see the humbleness of the top global advertising creatives. They are here in Cannes to challenge their point of views and break out of their boxes even further. They are rethinking and reevaluating past mistakes and itching to execute new ones - towards success. With repetitive terms like "relationships" and "story" thrown around in the industry, it's time for creatives to throw around "real" because it's working.