Monday, June 16, 2014

Innovation: A Nod to Creativity

June 16

As day 2 of the festival commences, everyone is talking about innovation and change. Unlike yesterday, where there was discussion on the failures and crap of advertising, today it was a complete nod to the creatives advertisers hold dear.

In the first session, Solar Impulse proved to the world that creativity drives innovation.

"Enjoy to discover the way you feel during a project, don't focus on the end goal enjoy the journey." 

Andre Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard, he creatives and founders behind the world's first solar airplane encouraged professionals to not limit themselves, but to strive for their ideas. Engineers and artists in the past, paved the way for innovation and a better now it's our turn to pave the way. 

Adobe continues the discussion with honoring creatives in their session by saying that now is the time of the creative. PJ Pereira, Scott Belsky and Yves Behar all founders of prestigious companies like fuseproject and Behance say that 96% of creatives are happy with their job and they believe that the industry is growing and changing in a positive way. 

Contrasting from yesterday, creativity seems to be an ever hanging and large influence on the industry now with more content driven campaigns. 

There is no one title of the modern creative. They wear many hat and have many tools. They fail often and feed off each other. The meaning of stories has become the heart of creative advertising, what matters is the right mindset.

Behar states, "Think like a marketer, behave like a entertainer and move like a tech start up. It takes years and hard work, but people are starting to recognize creatives and giving trust."

All that's left is to see if that hard work paid off at the First Cannes Lion Awards Ceremony, tonight. See you there!


  1. So are you interested in becoming a creative? Do you like that the industry uses an adjective as a noun? Is that creative?

  2. I think creativity is one of those things that still very subjective in the industry, so professionals don't really know what to call it so they've stuck to "creatives." Though I do think "strategist" would fit better but it sounds too much like a sell-out.