Thursday, June 26, 2014

Final Campaign - Narcos

Chelsea Gray, Jessie Bonham, Sydney Crumley, Sarah Klein, Grace Greenblat, and Mary-Sanford Anheuser        
Narcos, a show centered around the life of Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar, is now premiering as a Netflix original series. Through this launch, Netflix is aiming to increase subscriptions by at least 10% by the end of 2015. Our campaign for the show attempts to engage audiences mainly in South America as well the US.

            In addition to setting South America and the United States as our target regions for the campaign, we are also channeling our media towards certain age groups. In the United States there is an aging baby boomer population numbering about 6 million people. This makes for a great target audience for our campaign considering they are at retirement age and are in need of shows to watch. In addition to baby boomers, our campaign will also target men age 18-34. Aiming our campaign at these audiences, especially South America with its growing Internet usage, will surely increase Netflix subscription by 10%.

            Our advertising campaign to spread awareness of both the show and Netflix will begin with a viral internet video, commercial trailer, and a mobile Narcos app. We will then expand to print, outdoor, and television advertisement. Merchandise will be sold online as well as at our booth at the Comic Con in San Diego. Finally we believe that a great way to connect with our audience, especially those aged 18-34, is on social media. We will launch a social media campaign tying in Netflix with the #howdoyouNetflix. Leading up to the full release of the season we will release a pilot on Youtube so viewers can get a taste of our show free of charge.
            We are confident that because of our target regions and audiences as well as our advertising campaign Netflix will achieve its goal of increased subscription through a successful first season of Narcos.

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