Monday, June 23, 2014

Commercial 3 - HBO GO

"This classic family dynamic inspired our seven Awkward Family Moments films. The perfect reason to use HBOGO and dive into a stream of unadulterated content, far far away from the parents. In this one, Happily Married, Mom uses the words “make” and “love” in that order.",married

For a network that has made it its niche of selling sex, drugs and violence, it was refreshing to see a humorous, witty commercial series from HBO. This campaign of awkward interactions between teenagers and their parents are priceless and entertaining. 

In one of the commercials titled "Happily Married," the scene depicts the family watching an HBO show where the characters were threatening divorce to each other. This commercial, as well as campaign, did such a good job capturing a real family. Unlike it's previous commercials for HBO Go that made light of the "pornish" side of HBO, these commercials take the simple problem teens have when trying to watch controversial scene in front of their parents. What made it so compelling was the actors and the script. HBO really did it's research when it came to who was watching the network because I found myself in the shoes of those teenagers. 

The parents immediately go into a lengthy, unneeded discussion related to the HBO show the family was watching detouring from the show. The angle of the camera was almost comical because it was like HBO itself was watching the awkwardness coming from this family and wanted to fix the problem. What really sold the commercials were the surprised, exasperated expressions by the teens. The audience can feel their discomfort and laugh along with the shared experience. By being witty and comical, this commercial resonates with the audience and invokes action for the user. 

According to CEO of HBO Richard Plepler has said doesn't care if young people share passwords only that millennials start watching HBO. Even though HBO hasn't released the numbers for HBO Go, the service has crashed multiple times due to many people trying to stream at once. I'd say the service is a success and these extremely funny commercials contributed. 

Client: HBO Go
Product: HBO Go
Entrant: O Positive Films New York, USA
Advertising Agency: SS+K New York, USA

Lions Won
Film - Sliver (Internet Film)
Film Craft - Gold (Casting), Sliver (Script), Sliver (Direction)


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