Monday, June 23, 2014

Commercial 2 - Blazed

"Children playfully mock their parents behavior while waiting for them in the car, knowing they are inside the house smoking weed - highlighting this behavior raised the question of morality of driving stoned."

With a humorous approach to approach "driving while stoned," the message of BBDO Wellington's Blazed once again makes a huge impact. The commercial is shot in black and white and even though at first this seems ironic since the children are mocking and playing around, it serves its purpose as the last shot shows one kid reflecting on what they had just made fun of. 

So... sad. 

The jump shots showing the kids explaining the different positions and activities their parents do while high was entertaining, drawing the audience in. This video makes it seem like a "funny internet video" instead of a safe driving ad, which really shows the reach and impact it had on many people. Approaching this problem from the children's point of view helps to cushion the blow to family members and people who smoke around children, giving awareness where it's needed. This commercial draws you in instead of talking at the audience. 

This was important message because most people, like tipsy drunk drivers, think that it's ok to drive while stoned, but results of a study (carried out by the Institute of Environmental Science and Research Ltd over 2004-2009) of the blood of deceased drivers show 30 percent of drivers had used cannabis with or without alcohol or other drugs. They figured out that nine out of ten crashes were due to mixing cannabis and alcohol and more drivers use cannabis and marijuana while driving than ever. Thanks to this commercial, the reach was beyond the client's expectations. 

Client: New Zealand Transport Agency 
Product: Drug Driving
Entrant & Advertising Agency: Clemenger BBDO Wellington, New Zealand

Lions Won
Film Craft - Gold (Script), Gold (Casting), Silver (Direction)

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