Tuesday, June 24, 2014

TED Med - Creative Innovation at Health Lions

       The seminar that we attended was called “The Creative Ideas and Innovators Disrupting Healthcare” led by TEDMED and TBWA World Health. James Cheung the global creative director introduced the seminar by giving a brief summary of the importance of innovation in Healthcare. This was an important point to make considering this is the first year of Health Lions, and healthcare professionals really seemed to stress that creativity is so integral in their industry.

            The first product presented was Maji by Fosmo Med. CEO Ben Park spoke about how this product was created to combat serious problems of dehydration due to unclean water. Shipping IVs from the US to underprivileged countries usually costs $645,000 but with Maji the price is reduced significantly to $175,000. The reason for this significant decrease in cost is the bags can be shipped without water and they do not need power. It uses forward osmosis to filter the water riding it of substances such as metals, pesticides, and arsenic. Fosmo Med aims to work with the military, disaster relief, and public health efforts all over the world. The company is searching for funding and corporate help. They can only receive both through advertising,, so through the aid of professionals at the conference the company can aid in the efforts to save millions of lives.

            The second product presented was Liftware by Liftlabs. Dr. John Redmond explained the lack of independence felt by those experiencing tremors on a regular basis. Liftware helps restore their independence by allowing them to eat by themselves without making a mess. This encourages these individuals to also eat in restaurants. Dr. Redmond was a great storyteller showing videos about individuals who purchased Liftware and can now enjoy meals with their family and friends.

            In experiencing these seminars our group was amazed by all of the incredible innovations presented at the Healthcare Lions Festival. However, as beneficial as these innovations are, they cannot be promoted without advertising.  Advertising and healthcare are more intertwined than ever as exemplified by the inventors of these products being so passionate about promoting their products as well.

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